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Aluko Adeyemi & Associates

Current Vacancy

We are looking to hire a legal associate to join our growing firm. Our practice areas are; Corporate Commercial law, Property and Family law, and Civil and Criminal litigation. Our ideal candidate must be:

  1. A lawyer of not more than 3 years at the bar with work experience in active legal practice.
  2. Resident in Sango Ota or a reasonable distance from Ota.
  3. Proficient in Microsoft word.
  4. Passionate about the legal practice.
  5. Able to work under little or no supervision.
  6. Result and detail oriented, a dreamer and achiever.
  7. Excellent in oral and written communication.

Candidate’s responsibilities will include:

  1. Attending to matters in court and drafting processes.
  2. Drafting and reviewing legal agreements, contracts and documents.
  3. Advising clients on corporate legal issues and business matters.
  4. Performing due diligence.
  5. Assisting with any other task given that may be incidental to meeting the needs of our clients and the overall wellbeing of the firm.

To apply, please send an email with the subject “LEGAL ASSOCIATE” containing your resume and application to

Other Career Opportunities:


At Aluko Adeyemi & Associates, we would love to have partners join our growing team in order to drive harder and farther the goals and impact of the firm.

Copywriter/Social media manager

We need persons who are able to push our law firm within the digital space without offending any rules of professional conduct. ( offer is closed)

Secretary/litigation clerk

Our firm is looking to employ a secretary/litigation clerk who can work confidently and passionately, and meet deadlines. (Offer is closed)

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