bribe-1  When people feel cheated or where a crime is committed, they hurriedly report to the police, sometimes with the instruction that the suspect be charged to court, other times, without such instructions. Either way, they trust the police to do what is in their (complainant’s) best interest.

Every now and again, I defend accused persons in court and I get to meet the complainants, other times, I am in court to watch the brief of complainants. Now I know you may not know what it means to have a lawyer watch your brief as a complainant, but we’ll get to that shortly.
In my years of practice, I have noticed that the police (man), which is the prosecutor of a case in the Magistrate Court tries to make the complainant believe that the accused will not get away with the crime he is accused of, even where the prosecutor has done almost nothing in law to nail the accused to the crime he is accused of (most times, this is due to his ignorance of the workings of the law, or mere negligence).
So, the prosecutor demands to be mobilized in order to diligently prosecute the complainant’s case and because of the assurances that the latter has received from the former, he keeps dropping his goodwill offering at the foot of the prosecutor’s altar, and as long as the money keeps rolling in, the prosecutor cares less whether the complainant gives grudgingly or not, he also might as well keep taking endless and meaningless adjournments to secure his wage.
Also, being trained in the art of investigation, a prosecutor can smell a fearful accused person from afar so, they can take advantage of your fears and promise to make ‘everything go away’ as long as you can pay for your freedom. At least, nothing is free even in free town.
Hence, whether you are a complainant (who has sought refuge in the police) or an accused person, you are a prospective meal ticket.
I’m sure by now, you’re wondering “what then can I do?” The safest and wisest thing to do is to get a trusted lawyer who can defend your cause if you’re the accused person or if you’re the complainant, to watch your brief with the police, ensure that it is well handled and give you legal advice as to your chances of winning or losing so that you don’t waste time, effort and money.



  1. You are very very right Barrister. The police will use any and every available means to milk out money from you. Thanks for the piece. Its very informative. We look fwd to more legal briefs.


  2. It’s indeed educative. Thanks for helping us to bewell informed about matters that actually affect us as individuals and a society. God bless u.

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  3. This is a very interesting and relevant post. Just recently, one of my friend’s mum was arrested for reporting a possible fraud at the bank where she works to the police. The police interrogated suspect and he said that the lady came to the police because she did not like how they were going to split the money after the check is cashed out. My friend’s mum spent 1 week in jail for reporting a crime she was not involved in before she was finally cleared. It’s definitely important to have a lawyer friend/ family lawyer. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Very interesting & educative indeed. This should go round, a lot of people are really being cheated most times cos of lack of knowledge. Now we know,
    More grace.

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